Old parameter ARCO_YAW_P


I have a few questions about the new parameters. In new Copter 4.2 the ACRO_YAW_P parameter has been replaced with:

  1. ACRO_RP_RATE (Controls the pitch/roll rate of the ACRO mode, only in ACRO?)
  2. ACRO_Y_RATE (Controls the yaw rate of the ACRO mode, only in ACRO?)
  3. PILOT_Y_RATE, (Controls the yaw rate in all pilot controlled modes expect ACRO)

So which parameter controls pitch and roll rate in all flight modes except ACRO?


For ACRO read “manual modes”

I can’t find such a parameter “PILOT_RP_RATE”

Sorry my mistake, there is not a simple relationship - the pilots desired velocity and lean angles are converted into pilot desired roll and pitch so effectively a combination of ANGLE_MAX and a bunch of PSC parameters

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