Old Firmware Version


I am trying to find the following firmware version:
ArduCopter V3.5.5 stable

I tried to find it here, but without success.
Is there a site the stores old versions of ArduCopter?
I would like to get the .hex file without connecting my Pixhawk 2 Cube to the internet.
Is it possible?

Thanks in advance !

I see what you mean, there’s no 3.5 versions in there at all.
Three points though:

  • 3.5.7 would have been my choice if I needed a 3.5 version - includes the most fixes before 3.6
  • 3.6.12 is the minimum recommended for a Cube, and use the correct Cube parameters
  • Current stable 4.0.3 is the best so far and I cant think of a reason NOT to use it.

You’re on the right track though - you can download the correct APJ file for your flight controller and apply it with MissionPlanner (or QGC) without an internet connection.
There’s also the .hex file with bootloader.