Old ESC plate - how to use it with pixhawk controller?

Hello guys, perhaps someone know anything about this ESC plate? I would like to use it along a pixhawwk controller. to a octacopter project. It was working with
an old controller board that don’t supports ardupilot.

That is old. It would appear that Gyrofly is long gone. You would do better with a couple of modern 4in1 ESC’s.

Oh yes, we are trying to put an old Girofly octa back in action wwithout replace everything in it… Seems to be a no go for this old boards… Thanks for your tip!

Without schematics or connector pinout it won’t work… unless you good at reverse engineering :slight_smile:

yeah, I’m stuck in this point exactly… I really would like to see it working but unhapply there’s no documentation of any kind for this board, I dig a lot but no joy.

You could try to contact the guy who started the company. I see his name around with some google searching.

he has a company next door to mine and I already talked with him about but he is not interested in give me any kind of information but the user guide and are no longer interested in help this drone to fly again.

Well then I guess it’s good for a posting on eBay as a “vintage” product…