Old battery issue: related with PIDs?

Hi, all
When I fly my DJI S1000 with ardupilot, it’ll be hardly for me to control the OCTA-Copter(have to do roll/pitch correction for level the copter, either LOITER or ALT_HOLD) with OLD battery, but when I’m using a BRAND NEW battery, everything seems ok. So I’m suspecting that it’s related with my PIDs which is the default value, do I need to tune it? And which would be the start, throttle PID or attitude RATE PID?

Hi Roger,
It’s hard to be sure without a log but I suspect the older battery suffers from a lot of voltage sag when flying. This means the PID gains will effectively be too low. Flying with an old battery is probably not a great idea but you may be able to compensate by setting up voltage scaling as described here on the wiki.

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Tks, so kind of you, Randy. Sorry not provide the log file for it’s so big…I’ll dig this according to your suggest and feedback if getting some progress. :slight_smile:

S1000 on stock settings will be very unstable. Run auto tune with the new battery to get some better pid settings.