Old arducopter wiki pages and ardupilot 1.0 updates from old archives

Hope I not to ask something very simple or answered before, but I searched info about it and I couldn’t find or clarify it…
From 2011 I have an old Arducopter based in the old Ardupilot 1.0 or 1.x… At that time, there were a nice wiki at google code:

and so on…

I luckily downloaded almost all the pages of that wiki to my PC… But I forgot to download some few pages of that same wiki…

And since from certain date, I saw that this wiki disappeared completely and I only find now these:


Arducopter’s old archived site lacks completely of the old wiki.
Ardupirate’s old archived site keep files of the old ardupirate’s pages
I read that Ardupilot 1.0 was discontinued. But why all the wiki pages were removed…?

Yes, I know that there is also a new wiki for the new arducopter based in the new ardupilot 2.5/2.6:

But I need the old wiki pages because my ardupilot + IMU shield was configured and mounted following the old wiki (that I mentioned it does not exist now).

I searched it intensively all over the net, but I couldn’t find it, but some pieces of few old wiki Arducopter pages

Does anyone out there know how to obtain the old wiki pages…?

I have also not clear if I could handle my Arducopter with the latest Mission Planer (for APM2.5/2.6)…

Would be recommendable to replace old Arducopter firmware with Arducopirate’s one…?

Also: What would be the best choice?: Updating firmware of old Arducopter 1.x from latest Mission Planner, from Ardupirates old wiki files or from old Mission Planner…?

Thank you very much in advance,