Offboard control in auto mode with skid steering

Hello Community

I am trying to establish offboard control of a rover equipped with a skid steering system,

What I want to do is :

  1. Upload mission waypoints
  2. Let the rover perform a mission in auto mode

while this is happening, I would like to perform obstacle (wall) avoidance using a lidar. When the lidar says, that a wall is present, say at x degrees crossing the route, then the rover will change its direction to x degrees, and crawl along the wall. when the wall is completely traversed, then the rover will adjust it’s heading back to it’s original heading.

I suppose this is not possible in auto mode entirely.
So my questions are :

  1. Which mode is correct for this application
  2. What commands shall I use for skid steering? I tried to use the MAVROS command velocity xval yval zval in the SITL simulator, but this command does not result in a skid steering behavior in the simulator, the rover still moves along and does not rotate on location, like a skid steering would.

What can I do to properly reflect skid steering behavior in the SITL simulator, resp on an actual pixhawk hardware?

Thank you.