Off-Line Multi Protocol Log analysis


Hi all,

Some might be already familiar with a Open Source Tool for data analysis called DataExplorer.

This is a great tool to check various devices like battery chargers, several telemetry protocols (Hott, Jeti, OpenTx, etc), and even weather station logs.

Now, the maintainer of the tool (Mr. Winfried Bruegmann), just added support for Ardupilot logs.

So, whether you are using a Windows, Linux or Mac PC you can have one tool to work off-line with your logs. Or you can have a Android version too :slight_smile:

Good to see Open Source projects progressing

Thanks Winfried :grinning:


You weren’t kidding with the just added bit, as this isn’t in any of the stable/release versions quite yet it seems. I’ll have to check back later when these changes have been compiled into a release.

Thanks for the heads up, though!

Yes :slight_smile:

That’s why I linked to the repository for those that want to compile the app to test.

The current stable release of DataExplorer already has support for ArduPilot logs

Get it from their location