Off-line maps doesn't work?

I cached map tiles using google maps then found and moved the file into Droid planner maps folder but it still does not work even with the boxed checked to use offline maps. I have connection for telemetry via wifi / TCP. Could it be that it thinks it’s online so it won’t use the cached map tiles in the folder?? Any suggestions?

Anybody? aka Arthur

see this link.


The problem I have is I have wifi on to use wifi to connect to my RFD900 telemetry which works great to eliminate the need for the dangling OTG cable. But because the tablet sees it’s connected to wifi it won’t use the offline maps. At least that’s what I think is happening. I don’t know how to tell the tablet to use offline maps even if it’s connected to wifi. Any ideas??

You try this? settings-advance-use offline maps

Yes I did try thanks thanks though