OF_Loiter, 3.2.1, error flight_mode-10

My hexa is running 3.2.1 on apm 2.6 and is performing beautifully, very happy. Hoping to evaluate OF_Loiter. All tests and image capture OK. Unfortunately it will not enter OF_Loiter mode. The log says “Err FLIGHT_MODE-10”. All other flight modes are selectable, not OF_Loiter.

Is 3.2.1 optical flow ready? Suggestions welcome, earlier version or beta, fine with me.

Thank you ! !


The same happens to me. I am using arducopter 3.2.1. I was able to capture images and calibrate the lense, although when trying the movement test is always 0 displacement. When I change to OF loiter flight mode, the system does not make any change.

This is a comment for the Randy one of the Developers:
“I wouldn’t recommend using OF_LOITER in AC3.2.1. I don’t think it works very well and if it does it only works on an APM2.x with an old mouse-style sensor. it certainly won’t work with Pixhawk and PX4Flow. AC3.3 will include support for the PX4Flow with Pixhawk but it’s used in Loiter (and other modes) so no special OF_LOITER mode is required anymore.”


If you use the 3.15 firmware the OF_loiter works on the APM.