ODrive support timeline?

What are the plans to integrate ODrive? Not PWM. More likely ASCII data over some protocol to fully use all functions an odrive can handle?

Many thanks

There is no ‘official plan’ but I have a Odrive and was planning to add support, but I haven’t got round to it.

Too many things and not enough time.

Thanks for your quick answer!

Just to be 100% clear, I have had the Odrive for about a year now so I doubt anything will be happening soon, I have a project in mind but its not at the top of the list yet.

I’m just throwing a comment to show my interest in Odrive integration to Ardupilot/Ardurover. It seems like it would be a perfect marriage with a lot of application, but I see surprisingly little overlap on either Odrive forums or Ardurover.
I am building an autonomous mower using Cube Orange, Ardurover, & Odrive.

It appears that ODrive already supports RC PWM input. What other ODrive features would you like to see supported by ArduPilot?

Encoder intégration for auto mode indoor without gps