Odd posts and multiple posts do you have trolls

Lately I have seen what seems to be a greater deal of post that are what I would deem suspect in content and questions. Some have nothing to do about anything ardu related or even a product that could be used in the ardu environment. Others are multiple posts about the same question that has been answered multiple times over and over and over again in many places.

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I honestly believe I know what/who you’re referring to, however I hate to name…
I feel the same

Indeed, sadly…

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You post everywhere on every argument :slight_smile:

It can’t be you!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Hello @Matt_C , you can find moderators on the forum info and I am one of them.
Personally , I haven’t noticed the pattern you are referencing, I can see a surge of activity and yes, some old posts are revisited by new members and that is OK for me.

If you encounter any strange activity, please report by flagging them and we’ll look at it.


You are right I dont spend my whole days reading all the posts, so please be helpful and report them when you encounter.


There is no reason to be rude.

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We got moderators and a simple way to report issues on discuss.
I don’t see anything more anormal than usual.
There is nothing wrong bout asking an already answered question, but we don’t accept spam.

I am closing this subject before it become a mess.
Please, use the flag to report incident to moderators