Odd crash today - multiple ERR:24-0 and ERR:24-1 messages?

After flying a bit today my tricopter gave 2 backwards jerks as if the rear motor failed and then crashed on the 3rd jerk. Looking at the log shows multiple ERR:24-0 and ERR:24-1 messages, the only reference I can find to those codes are: “DATA_FLIP_ABORTED 24 - EV 24” from http://www.multi-rotor.co.uk/index.php?topic=2381.0. (Why this info is not in the official Wiki is another matter)

There are no switches set to FLIP nor are any parameters set to invoke a FLIP so why all the FLIP_ABORTED messages? Was my copter magically trying to flip by itself?

And was this the cause of the crash?

Log: 2016-12-05 09-59-51.bin (1.3 MB)

Maybe this is the same thing?;


So those error messages are “EKF lane changes”. One of the changes in AC3.4 vs AC3.3 is that we have multiple EKFs running at the same time and we try to use the best one. There are issues even in AC3.4.2 with the lane changing logic and position reset code. These are fixed in AC3.4.3-rc1 (i.e. current beta testing version) and I’m pushing out AC3.4.3 as the official version today.

Certainly these errors will go away with AC3.4.3 so if you could upgrade and try again that would be great. Sorry for the troubles.

Thanks Randy, no problem about the “troubles”, very little damage done that my 3D printer can’t fix :slight_smile:

Any idea what caused the crash so I can prevent a re-occurrence in future?

I’m using v3.4.3 but am still getting these messages and a very erratic flying 'copter. Keep having other oddities too in flight but can’t be sure what’s causing them. Here’s the log:

2017-01-08 11-30-10.bin (1.3 MB)

Am uploading v3.4.4 now to see if it’s solved.

Seems better with v3.4.4 but I still got one 24-0/24-1 event and an erratic 'copter for a few seconds with the last flight, clearly visible on the attached log. 2017-01-08 13-35-03.bin (1.6 MB)

EDIT: opened a thread in the v3.4.4 section


Do you think it is better to disable EFK2 until this is fully resolved?