Odd Breathing Blue LEDs on Here2

I recently assembled an octocopter with a Cube Black autopilot loaded with Copter 4.0.3 and a here2 GPS. When powering it on, I’m seeing a LED sequence I’ve never seen before–basically the two LEDs “breath” blue back and forth:

I don’t see them described here:

The closest I see is the flashing blue lights but I’ve seen that and this is different. I put an older here+ gps we have for comparison and get the sequence I’m used to:

What does this new sequence mean?

That’s normal on latest Here2 running latest firmware.

I have this same behavior with one of my newest modules - how do I know when it’s ready to go? I never see any yellow or blue/red flashing lights.

Make sure UAVCAN is selected for LED types,


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Check UAVCAN under NTF_LED_TYPES. (Usually a value of 231)

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By default it was set to 199. I changed it to 231 and there didn’t appear to be any difference. I see the blue flashing lights like in the video above, but no red/blue alternating lights when the gyros are calibrating, flash lights for status, no really anything after the initial boot.

When I put the older here+ on the LED give me all the status (GPS lock, etc) I’m expecting. without changing the param value. I have a Pixhawk cube black with a here2 gps.

There is an internal switch on the here 2 that puts the unit in either CAN or I2C mode. Make sure it is flipped to the correct position for how you have the unit connected. This is the only time I have seen just the blue lights flash in my experience apart from not having the NTF param set correctly which you have already done.

Set GPS_TYPE==9 for CAN.

I’ll give that a try on Monday when I’m back by the autopilot. What’s the advantage of having it work via CAN vs I2C?

For me the solution was to open up the here2 and flip the which from CAN mode back to I2C mode and behavior went back to what was expected.