Odd behavior while in Loiter/RTL/Land

Y6B DIY, updated to 3.1.7 MP and whatever firmware was.

I did some testing today after reverting back to default Y6B parameters as the Auto Tune resulted in very twitchy movements.
The following was done prior to this flight:

  1. Load Y6B RTF parameters
  2. perform compass/Acc/ESC calibrations
  3. Replace x and y Y6B trims with mine that were in previous to reloading Y6B parameters

Flying around the yard the copter seemed ok, flew mostly in Loiter mode. Earlier in the day I tried Land mode and it descended too fast so I went back to stab and landed manually; thought maybe it was not high enough.

In this test while in Loiter the copter suddenly turned about 90 deg Yaw, and started to float away, so I corrected it and continued hovering around, seemed ok. Battery Failsafe kicked in (part of the test), but was in RTL instead of Land (normally is). It appeared to go to the correct altitude and position, but again descended too fast. Normally it hovers for a period then descends slowly and has always worked fine.

However this time it continued to descend too fast, touched down and then took off again and acted like it didn’t know where it was at, then touched down again and tipped over but didn’t flip fortunately. I tried to disarm but had no control. There wasn’t enough thrust to lift off and finally it disarmed several seconds later.

Attached is the log files. This is discouraging because I have flew several missions and flights with no problems before updating. I’m not blaming the updates, just FIY. Compass issue?


I’m new to this, so I don’t know what I’m talking about, but this sounds similar to what was happening to me. My Quad lose altitude very quickly, touch down, and attempt to take off again. When it did land, i couldn’t always get it back in the air. It didn’t seem to have enough power.
I did some reading a decided to try doing the motor calibration, I had not done one yet. After I finished the calibration the quad flew great. The RTL was a thing of beauty.
Good luck.

I don’t think you gave me the right log. You have no compass problem, no yaw problem, no inertial nav problems, no climb rate issues or bounces as far as I can tell. No battery failsafe either. No RTL.