OctoQuadplane X Type increase Yaw authority tilt for lower motors

I have built an OctoQuad Plane that seems to have potential. I have used the X type as I have not seen any real performance difference in H type. I know I need to increase my Yaw authority by introducing some induced tilt in the motors to have thrust assist but I am a little confused on the direction of which way to tilt the lower motors… I have read the “TIP” on this page https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/quadplane-building.html indicating that in a X config the motors would tilt out from the plane 1 or 2 degrees following the natural torque of the direction of the motors. This seems to make sense to me as I can visualize what is happening but when it comes to the lower motors I guess tilting them in the same direction might actually be working against torque of the lower motors. Can anyone provide some insight on this. Should I tilt the motor pairs top and bottom with the thrust planes parallel to each other or contrasting angles with the top motors tilted out 1 or 2 degrees like it was suggested in the tip, and the bottom motor would be in 1 or 2 degrees.

I think i was able to figure this out… In a X config all odd motors are CCW and control Left Yaw… all evens are CW and control Right Yaw… That means that alternating pairs on top and opposite alternating pairs on bottom simultaneously torque together to Yaw… So the angles need to parallel each other on the top and bottom and tilt out in a X config… I will test but i think that is right.

Hi Tim, did this work for you? Did it require additional tuning or configuration?