OctoQuadPlane VTOL motors freewheeling - ESC Brake option

I have finished my latest OctoQuadPlane Build and it now finally flies very well. I have one problem where at times the top front rotors will freewheel in climbs, turns, and in windy conditions. This seems to cause additional drag in flight even if slight. Also I have concerns about back voltage generation to the ESCs. I read a couple of places where implementing a ESC brake in BLHeli_32 that this could be an option. Can anyone give some feed back on whether there will be unintended consequences by trying this. Maybe have ill effects at low throttle decent in landing etc… @tridge - Have you tried this before in quadplane?

Just in case anyone is interested and wants a solution for the same problem i went ahead and enabled blheli_32 brake on stop set to 100%… There was some older posts were people were claiming that this option burned up the voltage regulators and bec feeding the flight controller… the assessment in the posts was that there was probably a bad design in the esc… I am using the matek 65amp metal escs and so far everything works awesome… No more freewheeling.

Hi @TTGold,
I just read your post and like to comment. First, I think it is easy to solve back voltage generation issue, by installing Capacitor at each ESC (and or one big Esc for all ESC.). On other side, by generating voltage from motor to ESC and Capacitor (at the end will charge the battery), don’t you think it will increase efficiency ?? I have been thinking about this issue since long time ago, and would like to get real data, whether this freewheeling motor)prop. is really bad or good for the whole system. I know many people don’t like this to happen…Do you know VEST ESC developed by Benjamin Vedder …This ESC originally designed for Skateboard and or bicycle.
This ESC was designed to utilize Back Voltage generation…