Octoquad Plane Missing Motors in Motor Test

I’m using Plane fw 3.8.0beta4 and MP latest beta 43.2 I think, I’ll check when I get home. I only have 4 motors for testing. according to octa quad motor layout motors 1,2,3,and 7 can be tested. 5 motors are missing.
If possible it would be great if MP associated the motors with an output pin to ease diagnosis. since the abcd method is somewhat opaque

please confirm with the latest MP. 1.3.46

just updated 1.3.46. still only 4 motors showing and test all only spins 4.
Also the last two time I have updated I get a buffer error message and the status bar turns unto a red x. it doesn’t effect update though.

can you tell me what your param
q_frame_type is set to
also q_frame if it exists

q_frame_class is set to 4, Octaquad
q_frame_type is set to 1, X

that explains it. ive got octa, not octaquad

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Thank you for all the work you put into MP!

I’ve got some interesting happenings with motor tests on our octo-quad plane as well.
Test all motors in sequence will skip the first motor, but then spin the remaining 7. Individual motor test do not work at all, and some give “command rejected” notes.

sending DO_MOTOR_TEST with a script will similarly skip whatever motor is first in a sequence, i.e. DO_MOTOR_TEST, 2, x, x, x, 3, 0,0 will spin motor C and D, but not B

MP 1.3.56, arduplane 3.8.5

i think you need to report this in the arduplane forum, as the source of this issue is the firmware, not mission planner. Its good that you confirmed it with an external script as well.

I think I have figured this out on my end, related to min_spin and the throttle setting for the test as well as the arming requirements for the ESCs we had onboard. I will say that the “Test All Motors” function comes back with some “mavlink rejected the command” messages for half the motors.