Octoquad Plane log shows hover Throttle below 50% but pwm in hover is well above 1500

This is my first Octoquad build in H config and was trying to figure out if I estimated the power in my motors/props correctly. When I look a the logs in Hover I noticed that it hovers with a throttle set at about 40%. Seems like I have plenty to play with but when I look at RcOut the actual PWM to the motors is well above 1500… I do realize there is a slight Yaw correction being done in a basic hover and I worked very hard to find out how to correct this. I did get it down to about .1% YOut so I think this is the best I can get. I cannot see any evident twist. Other than this when looking at this log does this look like I am really on the edge of being under powered and would be risky to attempt a transition to fixed attempt?

Log Bin

Hi Tim,

In QHOVER mode, your throttle input is desensitized for Alt-Hold mode so your levels around 1700 may be ok. You are not clipping. You didn’t mention if you were already loaded up with a payload, which would increase the weight even more.

I would try some simple altitude rises in QSTABILIZE mode. If you can take off from ground and rise up to a good height for transition to forward flying then you are probably fine.

Good luck!

Thanks for the input… I am fully loaded on payload in these tests… In other tests it does seem to have plenty of power to climb to altitude. I guess the only concern is if in a wind gust and through Transition will it hold position without clipping and prioritize control over altitude. I will take a look at some tests in QSTABILIZE and look at the results…

Thanks again.


Based upon your hover current of around 70 amps, I am guessing that you have a relatively large vehicle. Further, since it is a quadplane and not a tilt-rotor, you’ll have better stability and you can even aid in your holding position with the Q_VFWD feature. So, I don’t think you’ll have an issue.


Thanks Greg. Yes this is the largest build I have attempted yet… I estimate that in transition I will see above 120Amps. After your input I think I feel better about moving forward…