Octocopter dropped arm then recovered

Out flying today an my octocopter lurched quite badly then recovered from a distance it appeared to drop the arm with which motor 4 and 7 are attached. Can someone take a look at the attached log and advise is this something I should worried about or was it something like a gust of wind.You can see a spike the desroll and roll between 2 and 3 minutes

David Ardis

The flight controller tried to do the right thing - it commanded a rate roll left as soon as the roll began to diverge to the right. However, motor 8 was bottomed out at 1221 PWM, which basically meant that the copter did not have enough control authority to overcome the gust of wind or whatever it was. The big drop was really just the copter trying to catch up to match the desired position command.

You can increase control authority on the bottom end by lowering MOT_SPIN_MIN, which is what decides the minimum throttle sent to the ESCs in flight, defaulting at 15%. You can lower this, but it can’t be less than MOT_SPIN_ARM. You can lower that as well, but it requires some testing, as it need to be high enough to ensure that your motors reliably start spinning when you arm the drone.

Nothing to worry about just put it down the the wind