Octo-X Motor Test do not match, no clockwise

Looks like this issue was discussed before, but it’s not fixed on any firmware.
Basically assigned ESC to PH2 FC and Motor Test number does not match when Motor test is performed.
Documentation shows Motor A - connects to FC #1, Motor B - to FC #3, Motor C - to FC #8, Motor D - to FC # 4, Motor E to FC #2, Motor F to FC #6, Motor G to FC #7 and Motor H to FC #5 as illustrated on documentation.
But, actual Motor sequence comes out at Motor A (M-A) is run at A, M-B is at F, M-C is at D, M-D is at G, M-E is at B, M-F is at C, M-G is at E, and M-H is at H. So, only matching motor test run are A and H, all others are miss matched. Attached image with new FC ESC assigned seems to work properly for motor sequence. Correct%20Octo%20X
Will do more test later on…

Recheck FRAME_CLASS and FRAME_TYPE params. TYPE should be 1, and CLASS should be 3.
(changing needs reboot)

BUT : Motor test does not have any correlation to the ESC motor output numbers !
The first motor to spin (Motor A) will be the one located directly forward in the case of + configuration, or the first motor to the right of straight forward in the case of X configuration. The motor test will then proceed in a clockwise rotation.

I checked this afternoon and it was set to 4 on FRAME_CLASS. Weird, because I ran Wizard and it was set as OctoQuad. I set it back to 3 and all motor test sequence is clockwise run.

Thanks Again.

Octoquad is an X8 config but Octo X frame is what you’ve got.A simple mistake to make and not totally clear in the wiki for newcomers.There’s a few bits in there like that.You just have to learn on the hoof.