Octo Frame with 16 Coax Motors

Hey guys
I am using ArduPilot since a while and now i am planning to build something crazy;-)

I have a Tarrot T1000 Frame laying arround and i had the idea to mount always 2 motors per arm running coaxial with 13 inch propeller on the top and 15 inch at the bottom.

I have seen that something similar with a hexacopter has been made where the signals are splited and the copter configured as Coax tricopter. This concept should work with a coax quadcopter setup as well i guess?

I would highly appreciate your advice about how i should wire the motors and how to configure the autopliot. The Autopilot is not yet bought but i thing i will go with a Orange cube? or do you have better advice?

thank you for your help

here the concept of a 12 rotor with just 6 outputs at the autopilot:

Hey Jason

Did you get an answer for your question?
If yes, please share the solution as I am too looking at building a copter with 16 motors or above.
Timely help would be highly appreciated. Thank You

oh sorry man i did not got your message…

unfortunately i did not got any answer…

i did a test as purposed in my post above but crashed and then abandoned the project temporarly…

did you figured out how to proceed?