Octo crash need help to determine root cause

We had a major malfunction that resulted in a crash in a tree. I need some assistance in determining the root cause. We launched the OCTO and Loitered for about a min, I then went to YAW just a little but and the OCTO started drifting into the neighbor’s yard so tried to pull it back, a few seconds later It drifted into the street and the RTL initiated because it started landing. It was drifting to much on the landing so I gave it some throttle to try and make a better landing, this is when i was completely cut off from controlling the OCTO, it then went up and went straight for a tree. We lucked out big time, it landed in a desert tree upside down motors still going full blast. We managed to get it out with minimal damage. I attached the logs , any help is going to be greatly appreciated.

logs are on my google drive