Octa - constant yaw problem

I made the S1000 (DJI) Ocatacopter which has pixhawk cube orange with 4.0.7 firmware. After made this, i tested for the first time , Take of the drone with Alt hold mode after checking the Ailreon and roll direction is right . But as soon as the drone was taken off, it started to spinning constantly and looks like the yaw key doesn’t work. So I checked the motor rotate direction , ESC order but everything isn’t wrong. I calibrated all the ESC at once. And the props are all right direction. I don’t really understand what the problem is…

This is the video

Same here. Cube Orange, 4.0.7. stable Ardupilot. I checked ESC Calibration, PID of YAW and Compass Value, Trim on RC. They are all looking fine. Getting sam issue, that copter is slightly turning cw.

In Log File i find out, that all CCW Motor spinning faster than CW. You can see it from start on.LogPic

May someone knows the reason?

here are my Parameter Settings: testSecond.param (30.7 KB)

@wjdtn2909 did you also try to fly in Position Mode?

Is there a difference in the rate at which it yaws depending on if you are going up or down? I saw something like this ones on a very powerful drone which had the MOT_SPIN_MIN set to high.

How is the compass, using only external? When the drone sits on the ground is the heading/compass slowly drifting?

Check your frame, as far as I remember, S1000 has tilted motors and and spins motors opposite to Ardupilot. Which means the motor tilting with ardupilot is wrong and increase yawing.

I checked MOT_SPIN_MIN: Value is close to motor stop after arming (10%), ccw motors have small differents to cw motors.

Then i checked Compass Values: I use Compass 1 and 2. The external one is Prior 1. No drifting at all.

It is only servo 3, 4, 5 and 6 spinning a bit more which causes the drift i guess. But i have no idea why it does this.

I checked also frame and motor orientation. It is leveled and like documentation:
A -> 1 (CW), B -> 3, (CCW), C -> 8 (CW), D -> 4 (CCW)… and so on.

In compare to @wjdtn2909 we don´t use the S1000. We have a H-Configuration (120cmx80cm).

It is solved!

I am only checked the Trim in RC, but not in Parameter Settings. After new Calibration of Sticks in QGC RC_Trim changed from 1429 to 1491. Now yaw is stable.

Thanks for your hints!