Obstacle avoidance with UAV - R21F

how can i use UAV-R21F CAN obstacle avoidance module with orange cube. If i want more CAN sensors with orange do i have to use CAN splitter ?
this the link of the sensor

First of all, you have to check if this sensor is already supported by Arducopter, by checking the ArduCopter user guide Copter Home — Copter documentation. I never heard about of this sensor, I fear that it is not supported yet… but conduct a research by yourself.

If it is not available it, you can develop the sensor driver and contribute to the community.

I do not have much knowledge on this, and most probably the answer is “depends”, but maybe @ppoirier can clarify it for you.

Yes a driver has to be written, it should be relatively easy to reuse an existing CAN proximity driver.

Looking at the manual, it seems it is just outputting distance within a 28 deg FoV with no Bearings… making it less interesting for avoidance

@rishabsingh3003 is working on a multibackend proximity driver that should be released soon, making it possible to connect multiple proximity sensor on the same bus, providing the sensor can have adressing capability

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This sensor is working under Benewake CAN sensor type.