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Obstacle avoidance with LiDAR or Ultrasonic

Dear List

Is it better to use LiDAR (eg LightWare SF10) (expensiv but precise) or Ultrasonic (cheap and less precise) sensors for obstacle avoidance?

And is there a way of using two sensors looking left and right and deciding if the rover has to go to its left (obstacle at the right) or to the right (obstacle at the left).

Looking forward to any hint.

Best regards,

Hi Yvo, You could consider scanning a sensor - either laser or ultrasonic - using a simple servo. This gives you more than one point on each side of center so that you can confirm your avoidance decision and you could even go as far as creating forward looking maps so that you can make longer term navigation decisions.

For a complete, compact solution the LW20 has a built-in servo driver and left/right alarms to simplify your software. There is a full API available.

Hi L.D.

Thank you very much for your replay. Sounds very promising, I am already using a SF00 LiDAR of LightWare for scientific usage in Greenland.

Is there a blog or a description about the scanning implementation and connection to APM:Rover for obstacle avoidance?

The option of forward looking maps is also of high interest for my application.

Lokking forward to any hint,

Dear List

I just found some 360 degrees LiDAR systems (e.g. Sweep V1 360° Laser Scanner,

Question: Does somebody has experience with 360 degrees LiDAR, APM:Rover and obstacle avoidance?

Looking forward to any hint,

Currently we only have basic avoidance on Rover that use max 4 sonars (I don’t know if laser rangefinder are supported) see
The full support for avoidance, multiple input , slam etc. is planned for this summer!


This sounds very promising. Do you have a doc or implementation plan about it?

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