Obstacle Avoidance on ArduRover 3.4.2 (with RPlidar)

I have an RP lidar A1 on a rover running ArduRover V3.4.2. I successfully get sensible readings through mavproxy on the DISTANCE_SENSOR message. In steering mode, however, obstacle avoidance doesn’t seem to be working. Should be as simple as enabling avoidance with AVOID_ENABLE=7 (so that it uses proximity sensors) and then setting AVOID_DIST_MAX=0.4m to set the distance to stop at?
(on AION robotics R1 rover with Cube/pixhawk2)

Is this a firmware issue? Should I try to revert to ArduRover 3.3?

Do not revert, it will not be better. Just try to look at the code to find out where it borks.
We wrote the RP Lidar device driver and tested it to work. But I do not remember if we had to set some special parameters.

When I try to follow the wiki and set certain parameters, most of the parameters don’t exist. For example, “param set WENC2_TYPE 1” results in the message “Unable to find parameters ‘WENC2_TYPE’”. In fact, ‘param show’ indicates that only the ‘WENC_TYPE’ parameter exists. Does 3.4.2 not support the wheel encoders? Do I need to upgrade to a later version of ardurover or go back to 3.2?

If you set WENC_TYPE to 1 and then refresh the parameters then the other parameters should appear.

If you have a log from the object avoidance issues could you post it? It’s best to try avoidance in Acro mode if possible. You’ve seen this object avoidance wiki page of course?

We do a decent level of beta testing here in the forums before going live with a new official version and we release patched versions in the occasional situation where a serious bug gets through so going backwards in the version is almost never helpful.

Out of interest Ashay, which connector on the Cube did you use for the RP Lidar?
Ta, Ben