Obstacle Avoidance (OA) not woking in GUID

I am trying to get obstacle avoidance working on my drone. It was working when I was using 4.1.1, but I recently updated it to 4.2.3 (stable). Large quadcopter with a Cube orange and a 360 lidar sending messages via mavlink. PRX_TYPE = 2. When I fly in AltHold the drone will prevent me from flying inter an object. Actually, it aggressively backs away from the object (probably need to lower the AVOID_ACCEL_MAX).

The problem occurs when I do a GUID mission. The proximity GUI shows that it sees an obstacle but does not activate bendyruler to go around it. The other weird thing is that the OABR message does not show in the logs but I get PRX messages.

I think the params is also in the bin file below to double check me but I’m sure I set all the params correctly according the to docs

This is the log:
flight log