Obstacle avoidance not working properly

hello, I have problems with obstacle avoidance with my rover Omnibus F4 ardurover 4.0 TF luna lidar. the reading of the lidar is accurate but does not seem to avoid obstacles. I followed the wiki setting the parameters as indicated. in particular I don’t find this in the full param list:


Why can’t I find it?


Perhaps because you are looking at an Archived Wiki entry?

so it is no longer useful? what has been replaced? Thank you

Bendy Ruler with the OA parameters I think. I don’t have a sensor on my Rover but have been following the dialog.

I would be interested to know how this works out with such a low cost sensor.


The sensor works fine but the rover does not stop in front of obstacles. Here I put some bin logs of both ardurover 4.0 and 4.1 beta

You need to enable fences to use bendyruler.
PARM, 113769478, FENCE_ENABLE, 0 This one should be set to 1.

In Mission Planner: Config->GeoFence-> Enable checked.

@hendjosh sorry I do not think that is true for BendyRuler. BendyRuler works just fine with fences off and a proximity source enabled. Dijkstra’s does however only work on fences and needs it enabled.

Doh! That is what I get for never using proxy sensors yet and always having BR+Djikstras on.

Thanks for the reply! Actually I haven’t tested the bendyruler well yet (it’s raining outside) but the simple stop in indoor acro mode would be enough, instead my rover seems to have a hesitation, but then if I keep the command all the way forward it resumes the movement and hits the obstacle. my logs are made indoors (obviously without gps) to test the simple stop.