Obstacle Avoidance hardware

I have been researching the different versions of Obstacle Avoidance (OA) here on ArduPilot and a few other forums to zero in on cost effective reliable hardware.

Question One:
RPLidar A2 is noted on the configuration page (with sampling rates of 4k & 8k).
Slamtec has a few other options that have similar power and size dimensions with 32k sampling rates at a comparable or lower cost.

Has anyone used the RPLidar A2M8-R6 (lower res/cost unit) or the RPLidar S2 or S2L…both with 32k sample rate and better range?

Question Two:
Can Nvidia Jetson be integrated with ArduPilot?
Has anyone successfully used the Jetson onboard medium size drone?

  1. Some people have tried it. But I do not know their results.

  2. Tons of people do it. And there is even software for the jetson. search for apsync and you will find it