Obstacle avoidance Drone

hello guys,

i have a final project where i need to program a drone using APM 2.9 to avoid obstacles using 4 sharp IR sensors and arduino to handle the sensors using fuzzy logic method. Im still confuse how can i send the distance data to my APM 2.9 and little bit confuse about the schematic from arduino to APM 2.9.

Any idea to solve my problem ?


What’s an APM 2.9? If it’s like any other APM Flight Controller it’s obsolete and hasn’t been supported in years. And you are posting in Copter 4.0 and the last version to support that FC is 3.2.1.

There no apm2.9… Only apm2.8 like @dkemxr said …the last firmware is 3.2.1 for apm2.8 fc.

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Most solutions for external avoidance systems requires good integration with Flight Controller using Proximity and Avoidances Libraries that works fine with up to date controllers and sensors…Just look at the ArduPilot wiki and forget about Instructables

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i mean 2.8 its a typo im sorry, i read at ardupilot wiki they didnt say about sharp IR sensors. its mean that sharp IR sensor cannot be use with APM 2.8 ?

No. All new sensors and obstacle avoidance require ArduCopter 4.2.0-rc1 or better. You need a new board.

is it possible if im using pixhawk PX4 ? or do you have any FC recommendation that can be use with sharp IR sensors ?

As long as it is not a APM 2.5 or APM 2.8 you are fine.