Obstable avoidance

Hi everyone,

I’m really interested in implementing obstacle avoidance. I’m using APM2.8 and ardupilot firmware version 3.2.1.

Is there anyone who has developed it already? Any open source project?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

It’s under development and pretty usable with Arducoper firmware 3.5.0.

Please update your flight controller board and your firmware version.

Thank you so much for your answer.

I’m using a very old board, the APM 2.8. But for what you tell me I would be interested in buying a newer one. Which is the cheaper board you would recommand me? Is there any chineese clone?

I recomend ProfiCNC Pixhawk 2.1 with Here GPS

Could it be around 200 $? This is too expensive for the project I’m developing. I’m trying to reduce costs. What do you think about pixracer. I’ve found clones for 50$ and it is beautifully small.

Could it be compatible with the whole ardupilot new features?

Which type of sensors is the obstacle avoidance feature using? Is there any documentation?

Thank you so much

Pixracer should be ok.

You can use sonar, lidar, 360° scan lidar, vision …

Check the arducopter documentation

Could I only use GPS single? eg,two Rovers with GPS to realize avoid collision by each other

Yes, it can be done. It would work like the follow me mode, but avoiding instead of following. You need to add the code for that.

It can probably be done in lua scripting using the latest master.

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The change is in QGC/MP or vehicle’s firmware source code?

Using lua scripting you do not need to recompile the firmware. All you need is to enable lua support and upload a file to the flight controller.

Ok! Thank you a lot.I’ll try it now!

I’m in the advanced user model,but I cannot find SCR_ENABLE parameter.I don’t know why.Now I’m trying rebrush firmware

You need to use Arducopter version 4.0.4-rc1 to do that.

Thank you,The problem has been solved

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