Object Avoidance with Bendy Ruler

Hi there
I’m trying to use Lidar(lightware LW20) with my boat.
I set up the lidar with wiki / LightWare SF20 / LW20 — Rover documentation
I can see the sonarrange in display and also success Simple Object Avoidance.
And I want to use Object Avoidance with Bendy Ruler.
I change the parameter folling wiki / Object Avoidance with Bendy Ruler — Rover documentation)
I change the Parameter OA_TYPE = 1
But I can’t find the parameter OA_BR_LOOKAHEAD
I changed only OA_MARGIN_MAX = 3m
boat’s doesn’t avoid object with Bendy Ruler
Only stopped in near 2m object with simple object avoidance.
How can I use Object Avoidance with Bendy Ruler?

Have you tried to refresh the parameter list?

I can’t see anyone of the OA_BR_ parameter in this list you sent.


If you could include an onboard log file that would be good. This will also let us check which autopilot is being used. Some autopilots don’t have the memory, CPU or flash space to support all features.

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Is there a way to refresh parameters?
I just change the OA_TYPE and then reboot the FC ->disconnect FC → connect FC

How can I export the onboard log?
Could you provide me the method?
I use CUAV V5+ and Rover 4.3

There is a refresh parameters button in MP and other GCSs, but this method work as well.

Enable LOG_DISARMED parameter, wait for some minutes, disable it and then download your log file via MP. Then upload it to any cloud service and share the link with us.

Yeah makes sense, most probably this is the case…

Hi @Choi

Here are instructions on how to download onboard logs (also called dataflash logs).

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