Object Avoidance TFmini LIDAR

Hello all

have if you can help

I am using TFmini LIDAR, it works very well as SONAR

but when I use it as Object Avoidance, I get to take off but I can not go forward.
can it be by the degrees of inclination of the drone when it goes forward?

I apologize for English so bad



Use Mission Planner and type CTRL-F and activate the RADAR as per instruction here:
Check if reading is OK

The TFMINI outputs ZERO if over 12 Meter indoor and over 6 Meter outdoor.
You can change this behavior and report a fixed 12 Meter if beyond range send this command:
42 57 02 00 00 00 00 20 using the BENEWAKE Console


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Hello ppoirier, thank you very much.
I will prove it,and I will keep you informed, thanks again for the reply.

note: Ahh, I am a follower of your projects.


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hello again, friend @ppoirier:

I have tested outdoors and it works correctly
avoid the object.

What I do not like is that it loses quality on the flight.
Again set as SONAR, I like.
Happy to share this passion.

Thanks again