Object avoidance issue report


I installed a light ware SF11/C straight forward on a done to make it avoiding/following walls to a specific distance.
Globally it works, when the drone reach the defined distance it stops or get back if it has lightly cross the distance.

I noticed that if I insist on making him go forward, he ends up going over the limit and goes towards the wall. Once the limit is crossed, it no longer seeks to move away from the wall and no longer takes account of the avoidance instruction.

I tested on 2 different drones (one with copter 4.0, the second with 3.6.9) and have the same result on both drones



Thanks for the report and giving object avoidance a try. So I guess you were using the simple avoidance which is just stopping before hitting things. I think what you’re discussing is the limitation that it does not back away from objects which I’m afraid is a known limitation (see here).

I’m pretty sure we will enhance it to back away eventually.

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This means that at a certain moment the drone considers that the building wall is moving in its direction? It is necessary that the drone is moving forward to consider the wall stationary ?
I think this is the kind of functionality that would be more and more used in the ardupilot drone users world :wink: