Object avoidance in auto mode

I am now planning to do object avoidance bendy ruler in auto mode at outdoor
can i use RPlidar A1 or A2 for this ? or is it any other suggestion of sensors ?

Hi @Sun_Yi
Rplidar A2 is officially supported: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-rplidar-a2.html

These sensors typically perform best indoors and not recommended for outdoors.
You can use multiple range finders (put 4 in each side of the copter), like Benewake TF02 or use a higher quality 360 degree lidar like the Lightware Sf40c

ok thank you
and 1 more question , for the latest mission planner the object avoidance parameter that i can found only OA_TYPE is it normal ? because through the documentation i notice that there are still a alot parameters that i need to configure but the parameter that i found only OA_TYPE

You need to change OA_TYPE parameter to “1” (Enable BendyRuler) and restart your flight controller… Next time you reload the parameters you’ll see the rest of the parameters have loaded up

owh ok thanks for the info

i face one problem , if use multiple range finders what port on pixhawk should i use ?
cause benewake tf02 using UART port and on pixhawk have only telem1 telem2 GPS and UART that have TX and RX and the port that i left only UARt port

You could purchase a i2c version of the benewake rangefinders, and then plug as many of them as you want to

I’m planning inthis way of terrain follwing and obstacle avoidance method.
Please guide me if any wrong .

  1. TF03 dowmfacing lidar as terrain following

  2. RP A2 lidar as obstacle avoidance sensor simultaneously.

If I configure above both sensor correctly will it pixhawk cube will able to perform this job simultaneously and work according to that.

If something wrong please guide me .

I would choose Rplidar S1 if it is in your budget.
It can work outdoor, it has better distance detection and it is lighter.
The Rplidar A2M6 also works outdoor if the day is not very bright.

Andres yes I realize that rplidar A2 poor performance in sunny condition. It take wrong obstacle database at that time

@kalai1219 apart from the poor outdoor performance of A2, the other thing you need to consider is that obstacle avoidance needs a relatively powerful flight controller to work without hiccups… Therefore you should probably get something like Cube Orange (or the likes of it) and your set up should be fine!

Thank you . Is that support driver available for RP lidar S1.

Ardupilot stack support RP S1 lidar driver in AC 4.0.4.?