Object Avoidance experiences with SF20 Lidar

I have set up a forward facing obstacle avoidance solution with the new Arducopter 3.5 functionality as described in the wiki: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-rangefinder-objectavoidance.html#common-rangefinder-objectavoidance
I am using a Lightware SF20 Lidar connected via Serial as RNGFND2 and a downward-facing LidarLite connected via PWM on RNGFND1

It is somehow working, however I ran into a number of challlenges:

  • I frequently get false readings - the copter all of the sudden stops w/o any obstacles in sight
  • I could not find a way to adjust the detection distance
  • There seem to be conflicts with a downward facing Lidar running in parallel - as soon as object avoidance is turned on with CHxx_OPT = 40 height control with the downward facing lidar doesent work reliably anymore.

Anyone else using a similar setup and is willing to share their experience with object avoidance in 3.5?

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We are also working on this, using a RP LIDAR A2 and a Lidar lite.
We got the Lidar lite to work reliably on a real flight last Friday, and we are going to post a code pull request soon.

So stay tuned :slight_smile:


The code has been merged in master now :slight_smile:

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Hi @amilcarlucas
Can you please point me to the pull request? I can’t find it in the Ardupilot git.

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Use this to find all my pull requests:

Then you get:

And that went in like this:

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Thanks @amilcarlucas.
With the SF20 I am using Proximity type 4 (Rangefinder), so the addition of the RP Lidar is great but doesn’t seem to address the issues I ran into I am afraid.

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Setting up an RP Lidar A2, but no documentation in wiki. Know it was just merged, so no biggie. Was intending to use aux output to control pwm. Any suggestions on this before I go plugging up?

We use an arduino for that purpose for the time being, but yes we do plan to switch to an aux output in the future.

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Can you share any info on how you set up the Arduino between the RPLidar and Flight Controller. Having issues with setting mine up.

Here you go:

Let me know how it works for you

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Have you tried the SF40C?

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Have a Look at the price - certainly not.
for the cost you will get a consumer drone with a built in reliable working 360 degrees obstacle avoidance from eg DJI.

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RPLIDAR A3 360 ° Laser Scanner way to go.
Reliable and greed or DJI and reliable are incompatible words :slight_smile:
FAA or CASA would be happy! :slight_smile:

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Is RP Lidar A3 Supported in Master now? which firmware?

No. RPlidar A2 is supported since 4.0.x.
AFAIK the RPlidar A3 PR I told you has not been merged.
And cross posting in older threads will not make it better