OA not doing anything?

I believe I have OA setup right for using two forward mounted lidar sensors set to forward left and forward right. But the vehicle does not seem to be reacting at all to objects? Can anyone help me figure out the issue here?

2023-10-09 16-55-34.bin

This log is from a Rover so I have changed the tag on the post.
The log is from a MatekF405-Win, which probably doesn’t have proximity by default compiled in. Please use the custom server to have OA+Proximity installed and then follow our documentation for obstacle avodiance. Just having a rangefinder configured won’t do anything.

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Does having the OA options in parameter tree mean its not compiled? What indication was there its not compiled in? Obviously just having a rangefinder isn’t going to do anything. I had the OA configured in the parameters so not sure how to know that the firmware isn’t compiled for OA?

Yeah, just having the OA isn’t enough, since OA can also be used with fence. To work with the rangefinder, you need the Proximity library compiled in to. Sorry, we don’t have good documentation for this part specifically since the custom-build server is a relatively new addition.

Ok I will look into this, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Let me know how it goes, I have never personally used the build server to see if this stuff is working on F405