Nvidia Jetson Custom Sensor Data


I am a new developer working with the Nvidia Jetson TX2 and Ardupilot. I recently developed a small python script that runs on the Nvidia Jetson to gather some data. The python script outputs a series of integer values (distances) determined by the Jetson’s built in camera module.

I wish to send this sensor data via MAVLINK to a pixhawk running ArduRover. When the distance sensor values goes below a given threshold I would like the rover to stop.

I have read through the forum posts on custom MAVLINK messages, but believe the path of least resistant will be to modify an existing Distance Sensor command.

I would appreciate any high level advice from anyone that has faced a challenge similar to this. Specifically adding the output of a python script as a new sensor data and the specific changes required in the ardupilotmega.xml, GCS_Mavlink.cpp, and CurrentState.cs

Thank you!

Hi David,
If you just want the rover to stop, maybe the easiest solution is to just send a mavlink message to switch the mode to hold when the distance goes below the threshold?