Number of Available Range Finders

I just have a newbie question. Is there a limit to just four range finder sensors? I’d like to set up sensors in all six directions.
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  1. Or maybe it’s 10. More than 6!

Be sure to use Arducopter 4.0.4-rc1

Be careful with the hardware you try. For example, you cannot put two I2C range finders with same I2C address on the same I2C bus.

Specialized arrays of range sensors are supported.

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if you need an obstacle avoidance you can use the teraranger tower evo and add the sensors you need.

This is great. How did I miss that there were that many RNGNFDX’s possible? I’ll look at 4.04rc1. Thanks all!

After the release of arducopter 4.0.0 you can see many good improvements…