Nucleo flight controller not detecting RC input signals in mission planner

Im making my own flight controller using a NucleoH743 board

Ive uploaded the firmware for “KakuteH7” (with bootloader) to the board and have connected the pins according to the hwdef.dat pin ports. KakuteH7 v.13 uses the same chip as this nucleo board (STM32H743I2).

I can successfully connect to mission planner via USB and change params but im unable to detect incoming receiver signals. Im using an FS-I6x transmitter and a FS-iA10b receiver of which are binded together. On radio calibration screen, all the bars are black (zero/empty) and nothing is detected when i play with the transmitter joysticks or switches. My setup is as follows:

-The FS-iA10B reciever is a 5v device so im told, and the Nucleo pins read 3.3v signals. So ive inserted a 5v-3.3v Logic level converter to convert the reciever signal to the nucleo from 0-5v to 0-3.3v. Note that with or without this circuit, there is still no reading of radio control on mission planner. (5v and 3.3v are both supplied from Nucleo).

-Also note that PC7 is the pin port that the receiver signal is input on the Nucleo. PC7 is USART6_RX on the chip. On mission planner I have set the param “SERIAL6_PROTOCOL” to 23 (RCIN) as per the instructions from: Holybro Kakute H7 V1 — Plane documentation

I feel the issue lies with communication between receiver and nucleo. What could be causing the signals to not respond?

Update: Having placed a logic analyzer on the receive signal line. There is definitely signal coming through from the transmitter. I tried using USART1 (Serial 1) which is connected to PA10. I changed the SERIAL1 options to RCIN and baud rate of 115200 as with SERIAL6. Still no input read in radio calibration…

Are you using SBus or IBus? Some FlySky receivers can be configured for either, I don’t know if yours can.

as per the instructions from: Holybro Kakute H7 V1 — Plane documentation

That sais that SBus requires SERIAL6_OPTIONS to be 3 (bit 1 and 2 set), IBus probably won’t require bit 1 since it isn’t inverted. Unfortunately IBus is very poorly documented and not mentioned in the linked Kakute H7 docu at all.

Also I am just spitballing atm, I don’t really know these systems.

Hi, the receiver uses iBus. Though in the settings of the transmitter, I can change the output to iBus or Sbus. I changed to SBus and it is still not working. Im not sure if theres anything else I have to do to ensure the reciever is using SBus

Did you set SERIAL6_OPTIONS to 3?