NTRIP + zed-f9p


I am tinkering with DGPS-system and I have no idea what I’m doing. NTRIP stream kind of works, MP gets some data, shows some green boxes but no satellite bars. I can get RTK fix with u-center.

Provider/server (open data, public credentials) is: http://avoin:data@
RTCM 3.2, more information:

I can get DGNSS fix with u-center but MP says

Rover is ZED-F9P module and configurations from file provided from “sirius RTK GNSS rover” wiki.

Can I do something about this?
EDIT: seems that mission planner handles the NTRIP-stream as good as u-center. Both start to drift randomly multiple meters when enabling NTRIP… So problem seems to be in the GPS-modules configuration. (googling “DGPS drift” helps a lot :D)