Ntrip with Mission Planner

Today I was playing around with NTRIP on the Android version of MP and it wasn’t working after connection. This led me back to the Windows version which has worked in the past and it failed also. I checked my CORS account and it’s still active (same username/pwd). Note that I’m not actually using this with a Rover unit simply connecting thru the Ground Station to test basic configuration.

Any reason it doesn’t work today?

Edit: I may have found the problem as I’m using “NEAREST” as the mountpoint and the nearest to me is disconnected (it’s at a local University). But I’m having trouble connecting a specific one. I suppose this is a problem on my end which I’ll have to solve.

the other thing is make sure your “home” is valid. it uses the home point to send to the VRS instance to determine where “nearest” actually is

Thanks Michael that was the problem actually.