NTRIP into Mission Planner?

If you’re near Atlanta, unavco is free for non-commercial use


I’ve opted to stand up my own base, because the fix comes faster when I use multiple constellations and L1 & L2, where the unavco resources near me are all GPS-only.

It takes a little longer to get a fix, and harder to keep it - plus at least at one of my sites, the baseline is a bit too long at 100km.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the lead.

You guys are all awesome!!! Without help from you all, I would give up on this project immediately.

Hey guys,

I’m trying to figure out how this works in Iowa. I have a Spider Business Center (SBC) account, but can’t see how to connect an NTRIP service to Mission Planner. I don’t see any correlation between SBC services and the url required by Mission Planner.

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I did find the server address and port after a google search: And I know I am using the correct username and password. Still, the common error appears. I think I have to request an access time slot. Even though I have a subscription, I have to request a 2-hour time slot it looks like.

You need to include a Mountpoint as in this example from our service in Michigan.
Port and mountpoint

Okay, say I want to connect to Marshalltown.

I believe I would enter: http://[username]:[password]@

At least Mission Planner is returning with the error, “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”

Maybe I don’t actually have access?

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Ahhh, here are the mount point names:

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Okay, got it! Needed to use RTCM3_NEAR

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I am attempting to use the NTRIP service along with a mobile base GNSS unit. I am able to establish communication to both from my laptop, but nothing is going on without a connection to the autopilot. Does there always have to be a connection to the autopilot? I would like to perform a ground survey for placing Ground Control Points. Preferably, I’d like to use an RTK setup using the NTRIP service plus mobile base. Is this possible with Mission Planner?

Can you rephrase your question? What are you expecting to happen without a connection to an autopilot?

Without an autopilot, there’s no place to send the correction data, so Mission Planner will maintain a connection to the NTRIP source, but that’s it.

Is there a method for performing a normal ground survey through Mission Planner?

I am using a CUAV 9Ps GNSS unit as my rover (moving base). This unit has to be connected to a PC or an autopilot in order to use it. My thought is that I could use the CUAV 9Ps the same way you could use an Emlid Reach RS2+. Just connect it to an NTRIP service over a mobile connection, and go collect data points on the ground.

Data needs to be encapsulated in a MAVLink telemetry stream to be used in Mission Planner. I made a survey tool like you’re talking about using a cheap autopilot, a Zed-F9P module + good antenna, and 915MHz telemetry.

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Okay, and you could record a point by using an auxiliary input or something on the autopilot?

Correct. I used a $20 ExpressLRS receiver to gain access to the SaveWaypoint RC option. You could do similar with a momentary switch/button.

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Okay, I’ll have to use that method. Thank you!

What purpose though does the Moving base option provide in mission planner? Under the CTRL+F menu, there is this option for including a moving base, (connected to the PC), in addition to the stationary base or NTRIP service.

Looks like it’s intended to show GCS location. Fairly useless.

Is there also a way to store the RINEX data on the autopilot for PPK processing? My base unit is the CUAV C-RTK 9Ps, which does not support internal PPK logging.

I just got a SpeedyBee to work as a ground base host unit.

Not to my knowledge. Using an autopilot as a fixed base station is an odd case. If you want to post process, recommend a more robust fixed base station.