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Ntrip Connection Setup

Im a bit of a newbie with mission planner. I have a here+ V2 RTK developed by Hex. Im having a bit of difficulty setting the NTRIP. I already have an IP, the government of my country is providing the service, so I made a user and password in their system.

I dont understand how should I formulate the url in mission planner. The http://user:pass@host:port/mount , the user should be the one I made to acess the system? and what is the pass? The host would be The only one that I know for certain is mount, and maybe port if it is 2101.

Do I need to use u-center for making this Ntrip setup to work?

Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my ignorance.

is the user is the user and the pass is the password you got.
No ucenter needed.

Do I need to change any parameter in mission planner?

No, you do not. And port is 2101

ok, I am outdoors, the base from here+ V2 is connected to my laptop via usb, the rover is connected to the pixhawk via GPS port, communicatiom between pixhawk and mission planner is done by telemetry.The Ntrip is connected in mission planner.

I should be getting RTK fix right? But i still cant acquire RTK fix, is there something in my setup that is wrong or do I need anything additional to get it working?

Here+ GPS are known to not be the greatest in regards to acquiring a fix solution, how long did you leave it up and running, was there clear view of the sky above? RTK can be quite tricky achieving and maintaining a fix solution.

Before Ntrip do I need to connect the base to the mission planer and leave it for a few hours, or can I do that with Ntrip? and if Here+ Gps are not reliable, what are other options?

Depending on environment any GPS is not reliable. What type of environment are you working in city, country side? Also note that the satellite constellation changes and some days can be better than others. The NTRIP side should be fairly stable as its a constant source that has been running for sometime. The GPS on the vehicle should be started as soon as possible. I do believe the Here + is only single frequency, there are a few multi frequency GPS out there I think here makes one as well. There is the Emlid M2, and the Mrobotics that are both dual frequency GPS systems I have used both and like both just have different use cases. One for accurate photo exposure locations and the other as a nice standalone with embedded antenna dual frequency

Well, so far I am interested in attaining rtk fix, if here+ is not capable/good enough, what are some other viable options?

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