Ntf led override with scripting

I’m currently working on controlling a neopixel led strip through an AP_Periph device. I got it to light up as an ntf led, and I was wondering if there is a way to control ntf leds from a script. I know that in NTF_LED_OVERRIDE there is a possibility to override ntfs with scripting but I couldn’t find any lua functions or examples of this.

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Update: I managed to get it to work with notify:handle_rgb(red, green, blue, rate_hz) with rate_hz=0 for continuous light. I’m still wondering how to use notify:handle_rgb_id. If anyone could find the time to point me to some materials or explain it here I would be very grateful.

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The intended use is to have one periph device per wing so I need to controll the strips independently of eachother so they can show the proper navigational lights. I’m searching for a way to access peripheral pins from a script on FC. If anyone knows how peripheral pins are addressed in scripting, or if there is a function similar to SRV:find_channel but for AP_Periph it would be appreciated if you shared.

Addressable LEDs (like WS2811) seem like a better solution for you. See this example: