NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE is missing from 4.1.1

Hello I recently updated the firmware to 4.1.1 and many parameters like NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE are missing. or disabled by default.
Can you assist to enable them.

best regards

have you looked in all parameters and not just parameter tree?

yes I have checked thoroughly

You are probably on a 1Mb board. This was removed from some boards due to flash limitations.

may I add this parameter to support an onboard display or I have to upgrade to another board

Try the custom build server to get a build for your board with the features you want: https://custom.ardupilot.org/

thank you. I tried a custom image and I can set the parameter. Still I have problem with the display probably because of a conflict on the I2C bus and the buzzer with the custom image doesn’t work i.e no arm sound .