Nsh> LSM303D and L3GD20 :driver not running

Bug report

Vibration Dampened Board Sensors (lsm303d,l3gd20 ) are not running

I have recently purchased a new pixhawk2.1.
I power the Cube from the power brick mini and connect it to MP via usb.
I load FW Arducopter FW3.5.7.
In the Full Parameters List , i see the parameters INS_ACC2_ID INS_ACC3_ID have values ZERO.
So i thought the Second IMU is missing .
In order to test the sensors i re-flash the Cube with ArduCopter3.4.6.
In MP>>Terminal>>nsh>> i run command “lsm303d start”. I get the following Errors:
LSM303D probe failed
LSM303D: SPI init failed
LSM303D : Driver start failed
and Running the command : nsh>>"l3gd20 start ". I get the following Errors:
L3GD20 probe failed
L3GD20 : Driver start failed

I have changed different Arducopter firmwares.
Change different Vehicle Types but with the same Problem.

Kindly Help. Because i am observing this Problem in 7 Cubes.

Could be that the imu board isn’t connected internally, which can be a symptom of taking the Cube apart and not putting it back together properly. Before doing anything else I’d flash a ChibiOS firmware to rule out the Nuttx firmware you’v currently got.

I test the Cubes when i receive them.
The IMU Boards were working well.

Case # 01
But then i use one of the new Cubes in my VTOL .
Power Module: Mauch Cube v2
FW : ArduPlane 3.9.0
I had a crash during flight , after deep analysis i found that IMU1 parameters ax,ay,az , gx, gy, gz stops in flight. 2019-02-24 12-25-34.zip (425.0 KB)

Case #02
Another Cube from the new lot was installed in my newly built Hexacopter.
Copter was powered from Mauch Cube v2 resting on the bench, i was doing some mission planning and then again the same thing happens as in Case # 01. IMU1 stops .

So after then i was very dishearted and i decided to test the remaining 10 Cubes.
After a week testing , the disappointment continues to grow as i came to know that the 4 more Cubes suffered the Problem
(i.e. IMU Board Sensors are not working).

(During this i learned a lot about Pixhawk Debugging , how to use nuttx , running Cube while connected to Console Port)

Kindle Help me !!!

I want to add that i am using Cubes in multicopters for last two years and i had never observed a signal hardware or software failure.

I had done many many hours of flight using Cube until this happens.

I purchased these from Hex Technology as i purchased them previously.

Now i want to return this whole batch and get the new ones.
Is there any possibilty available?

First… you are running the wrong firmware… FMUv2 is not for the cube.

Please try as James suggests and run 3.6 or 3.7 Chibios for CubeBlack

If you insist on running Nuttx, run 3.6 FMUv3 BRD_TYPE 3

Then just check the component ID’s after a full parameter reset.

In fact, load arduplane, then arducopter 3.7… then tell us what happens.

Make sure BRD_Type is 3

Use Chibios.

Then post the dev id parameters.

Your Barometers, both of them start… so that’s not your issue.

I have loaded arduplane , then arducopter ChibiOS version AC3.6.7 on Cube

I have made sure BRD_TYPE is 3.

I am using Chibios.

But still the dev ids are zero.

I have attached snapshots of dev_ids and Cube_Black version from MP…

Pics.zip (20.6 KB)

Kindly help @proficnc

I’m confused…
please take a photo of the cube?

Please excuse delays in replying, it’s 2:00am here :slight_smile:

Sorry for disturbing you .

You can download the Cube pic later on from here.



This is the new link for Cube.