Not going back to home

How can adjust my software to go back to home point after finish a programmed path?

Another question, if I am in the midle of a track but did not fineshed yet, can I interrupt it and come back to home point given any command in the software? Like a panic button.

The “Home” point is set when you arm the Rover assuming your running the latest 3.0.1. You can change mode at any point and go into RTL mode and the boat will return to the Home point.

At the end of a mission you can set the command NAV_RETURN_TO_LAUNCH and it will return to the HOME position.

Thanks, Grant.

Hi Grant,

If I am using a version befor 3.0.1 it will not return to home point?

I will check how to change to RTL Mode.

Thanks for the Tip so foar.


Any luck?

Thanks, Grant.

Sorry for take so long. Yes it worked fine. Problem was me. I did not know the software well. I am using more and more the software and get used with many functions.

Thanks for your help.


Glad its working.

Thanks, Grant.