Not getting any reading for Board Voltage Vcc

ArduRover 4.0
Omnibus F4 Pro V3 flight controller

First time setting up ArduRover on Omnibus. I am able to read out data on Mission Planner Quick tab (Horizontal Accuracy, Gps HDOP, Gps Status, Sat Count, GroundSpeed) but cannot any reading for Board Voltage. It is always 0.00.

I have also looked for int in Data Flash log (POWR.Vcc) and Telemetry Log (POWR_STATUS.Vcc, HWSTATUS.Vcc). Always 0.00 volts.

Test is just powered by USB cable from computer. The board clearly has 5 volts. I can see it on voltmeter as well as Oscilloscope. And it is running (no other battery hooked up for test)

Am I doing something wrong?

No. Board voltage is not available on many of these types of boards. Perhaps you are used to a Pixhawk or similar.

Thanks Dave. I can stop chasing this rabbit!

Is it possible to repurpose an analogue pin on the flight controller to read the Board Voltage?

There is the RSSI input but it’s likely 3.3V max.