Not arming. Cannot find ARMING_REQUIRED parameter

APM 2.6 controller, Rover firmware 3.1.?, MP 1.3.41

I have steering but no throttle control.

Arming status is not shown in MP flight data artificial horizon.

In MP flight data > Actions > arm/disarm, I am asked if I want to Disarm. Clicking yes yields _error: command rejected by MAV. There is no choice to arm.

I have throttle set up on Taranis throttle stick. Throttle stick in middle, full right does not arm.

In MP > Config/tune > full (3DR.rover) parameter list, I could find no listing for ARMING_REQUIRED. I would like to set this to zero so that arming is not required.

All hardware was working with previous firmware. I will try to revert firmware, but would like to know why this version is not working.

Any and all help appreciated.


Have you tried here


Yes, I did read that page but found no solutions. The page appears to be written for the Pixhawk, not for us APM orphans.

Why is the arming status not shown in MP? It does for my multi-rotor.


I do not know for sure, but the latest Rover firmware may not function correctly on the AMP2.x and that may be your problem. I will ask our ArduRover Developer to take a look at your issue.


Thank you TC,
Can you point me to earlier versions that are known to work on APM2.6?